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Mok-A Buddhist Museum

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Mok-A Buddhist Museum


The Mok-A Buddhist Museum houses the Intangible Cultural Property No. 108. The collection of over 6,000 Buddhist relics are collected by Mok-A Park Chan-su. The three-stories museum (3 floors on the ground and 1 floor on the under) displays Buddhist paintings, statues and other Buddhist relics and crafts. Outside there is a sculpture park complete with Buddhist sculptures and statues. Of the artifacts on display at the museum, three are national treasures. The majority of the other items are those that have been handed down in various temples throughout the country for many years. Despite your religion or beliefs, the museum offers you the opportunity to witness traditional culture.



395-2 Iho-ri, Gangcheon-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do




- Adults : 5,000 won
- Young Adults : 3,000 won
- Students : 4,000 won

Groups (20 or more)
- Adults : 4,000 won
- Young Adults : 2,000 won
- Students : 3,000 won


Capacity: 20 compact cars, 50 larger cars (Parking is free)


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