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The Royal Mausoleum of King Hyojong

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The Royal Mausoleum of King Hyojong


These are the tombs of King Hyojong, the 17th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty, who reigned from 1649~1659 with his queen, Queen Inseon. The tomb of King Hyojong is surrounded by a dense forest and lies near the tomb of King Sejong. Hyojong, the second son of Injo, was born on May 22, 1619. In 1626, entitled Bongnim Daegun. In 1636, during the Manchu War, both he and his older brother, the Crown Prince Sohyeon, were captured and taken to serve as pledges to Shenyang of the Ching Dynasty in China for eight years. After they were released, the Crown Prince Sohyeon died from illness in 1646 and Hyojong became the next in line to the throne. On May 13, 1649, Hyojong ascended to the throne at the Injo Gate of Cheongduk Palace. After he was crowned king, Hyojong enforced the Daedong Law, which declared rice as the main grain for taxation, and instituted the sangpyeongtongbo as the main form of currency. His plan to save the face of the Joseon Dynasty by taking revenge on the Ching Dynasty never came to fruition and he passed away on May 4, 1659 after a 10-year reign.



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