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Silleuksa Temple

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Silleuksa Temple


The Silleuksa Temple is immersed in the beauty of nature and is rich in history. Legend has it that the temple was founded by Saint Wonhyo during the reign of King Jinpyeong of the Silla Dynasty. The temple became famous with the death of Naongseonsa in 1376 during the Goryeo Dynasty. Silleuksa Temple is also called the “Wall Temple” due to the multi-storied pagoda that can be found in the temple. The Gangwolheon arbor, named for the great Buddhist monk Naongseonsa's posthumous Buddhist name, allows us to imagine woodsmen of long ago taking a break in the shade of the arbor to recite poetry. Many people come to visit Silleuk sa Temple for the surrounding majestic scenery. (The temple houses 7 treasures and 1 tangible cultural relic.)

Silleuksa Temple Tourist Attractions

Silleuksa Temple is a historical temple believed to have been founded by Saint Wonhyo during the Silla Dynasty. The Silleuksa Temple is one of the only lakeside temples in Korea. In 1977, 105.75ha(320,000 pyeong) of the temple land was developed for tourism and development is now 90% complete. Public establishments and other tourist conveniences are now in place and ready for use. The 1-hour trek from Seoul makes this a very popular tourist attraction.

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Surrounded by over 200, 30∼50-year-old zelkova trees, this site is perfect for family and group camping trips and is complete with public restrooms, sufficient parking and a boat rental establishment. There are many other establishments nearby to cater to all your needs, including shops, convenience facilities, rest areas, arcades and an amusement park.
☞Admission and parking are free.

[ Silleuksa Temple]

The Silleuksa Temple tourist resort makes board and lodging possible and offers tours to the Royal Mausoleum of King Sejong and the Moka Buddhist Museum. For a romantic drive for two, the path from Yeoju Bridge to Silleuksa Temple is simply perfect. Also nearby: a natural reed forest, a putting green, parking facilities, lodging, restaurants, souvenir shops, parks and amusement parks, and more.



73, Silleuksa-gil, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do




12,000 ㎡ ( Capacity: 700 passenger vehicles )

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