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The Birth Home of Empress Myeongseong

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The Birth Home of Empress Myeongseong


The empress of Emperor Gojong, the 26th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty, was a keen diplomat who pursued openness and reformation throughout her life while maintaining her sovereignty. Empress Myeongseong's tumultuous life came to an end on the dawn of October 8, 1895 when she was murdered by the Japanese. This was the house she lived in from her birth until she was 8. In 1687, a hut for the emperor's father-in-law, Min Yu-joong, was built. Only the main building remains today, but in 1995, the building was restored to its natural state. In the room where the empress studied as a child, a monument was erected inscribed with the words, “Empress Myeongseong Tangangguri” (the village where Empress Myeongseong was born), to commemorate her birth.

In the memorial hall built in front of the house there is a display of some of the empress' personal belongings and documents. In the 161-seat theater (Munye Hall), guests will have the opportunity to view a video about the empress' life.

Empress Myeongseong Memorial Hall

The Empress Myeongseong Memorial Hall, which is located next to her birth home, was built with the hopes of putting the distorted facts of her life straight.
The 520㎡ hall houses portraits of the emperor and empress as well as other exhibits. Peak tourist seasons are in the spring and fall.
A spacious parking lot, public restrooms and a pond have been built for the convenience of guests.

Empress Myeongseing Sculpture Park

In hopes of bringing the floral images and independent ideology of Empress Myeongseong to the present, a theme park, complete with 52 select pieces by young artists from around the world, will be constructed.



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