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Hwanghaksan Arboretum

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Hwanghaksan Arboretum


Hwanghaksan Arboretum is the place for people who value and love nature, and it is a beautiful place to go to enjoy and share the peaceful feeling of nature. Our arboretum is composed of 14 different kinds of gardens categorized according to ecology and function of plants such as Seupjiwon (wetland), Seokjeongwon (Stone Garden), Sanyeolmaewon (Mountain ain Fruit Garden), mini garden, Hangariwon (Crock Garden) and we create an environment where endangered red species such as aster altaicus and polygonatum stenophyllum can be restored and grown.
We manage and research to create an environment where plant's genetic sources can be grown.


Opening hours

09:00~17:00 / 18:00 (Winter / Summer)


Mondays / January 1 / Lunar New Years Day
Thanksgivings Season

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