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The Soft and Refreshing Yeoju Pear

With drastic temperature changes, abundant sunshine and rich fertile soil, Yeoju provides the perfect climate for harvesting delicious pears.
The drastic temperature chaanges between night and day during the fall season are what give the yeoju pear it's unbeatable taste and color.

The Yeoju pear is the up and coming specialty product of the region. From mid to late April, the pear blossoms begin to bloom and the clusters of fruit tend to weed out the smaller fruits leaving behind only one promising fruit for each cluster. As the pears begin to ripen, they are wrapped to prevent bugs from getting to them and are harvested anywhere from mid September to mid October. This “1 fruit for 1 cluster” type of harvesting is what makes Yeoju pears bigger and rounder than pears from other regions.

Each and every farmer has done his or her part to make Yeoju pears the best in the nation. The Yeoju Public Assembly has been gathering since 1986. The 10 members cut costs by sharing the work involved in growing pears and have commercialized the Yeoju pear to make it the best in the country and in the world. By sharing information and learning about new farming techniques, they are working hard to improve the quality of the Yeoju pear. Since 1997, Yeoju has been exporting pears to Japan, Canada, Guam, Hong Kong and Indonesia, and the Yeoju pear has received rave reviews throughout the world. Besides using grains to improve the fertility of the soil, Yeoju farmers utilize natural farming techniques by nurturing their pears with Eastern medicines, bacteria, fish amino acids and calcium, and do not use any herbicides or pesticides.

'95Gyeonggi-do Farmer Award (Governor of Gyeonggi-do), '96 Global Farming Technology Award (Rural Development Adminitration, Cheongmin Cultural Foundation, Segye Times), '96 The First Annual Gyeonggi-do Pear Review Award (Governor of Gyeonggi-do), '97 Large Fruit Review Award (Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), '98 The 1st Annual Natural Pear Farming Review ? Gold Medal (Korean Natural Farming Association) 《Plus 15 others》

Other associations in Yeoju, the Green Pear Association, the Yeoju Fruit Cooperative, Pear Association, and the Farming Association and the New Green Cooperative, are working hard to utilize the fertile soil and the perfect climate to put Yeoju on the map as the center for quality pears.

Purchasing Yeoju Pears

Purchasing Shitake Mushrooms
Nine minutes Description
Quantity and Price Asian Pears
Quality Assurance Exchanges and refunds are possible up to 1 week after purchase
Vendor Public Assembly (882-3257) Park Tae-han
President Green Pear Association (884-2732) Ahn Seong-man
Yeoju Fruit Cooperative (881-5630) Min Gyeong-hak
PresidentPear Association Cooperative (882-5670) Park Su-an
PresidentFarming Association Cooperative (882-3344) Lee Sang-ik
PresidentNew Green Cooperative (884-6591) Eum Hyeong-jin
When Available October ~ February
When Delivered Within 4 days after placing order
Delivery Costs Payable upon delivery
Acceptable Reasons for Refund Product damaged during deliveryReturn/exchange the product at any time if you are not satisfied

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