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Tasting Melon

The refreshing, crisp taste of the Yeoju melon brings to mind the lazy days of summer.


The covered roadside melon huts are the latest Yeoju-si attraction. Here, in one of over 150 huts, customers can buy melons direct from farmers to help stimulate the regional economy. In the 1990’s, the Yeoju melon became known as one of the specialty products of the region and is known throughout the country for its great taste.

Choosing melons

Peanuts Peanuts
  • After a dull sound when you come down from the tap water in it, avoiding water fully subside when damgateul Do not buy it.
  • Tap out or not fade completely, should be adequate maturity of fruit is delicious.
  • Eggs are usually less sweet, slightly thicker the sweet little thing.
  • The shape is oval, like a solid.
  • If you smell the sweet melon flavor is a delicious melons are appearances.
    (lie so deep that long after the harvest, or harvest time, so after a delicious fall harvest items.)

Purchasing Great King Brand Melons

Purchasing Great King Brand Melons
Nine minutes Description Price Remarks
Quantity and Price 15kg (1 box) Up to 25,000 won Prices subject to change
Quality Assurance Exchanges and refunds are possible up to 2 days after purchase.
Vendor Central Nonghyeop Association Yeoju-si Branch (031)884-2491
Geumsa Agricultural Association (031)883-3411
When Available May~October (6 months)
When Delivered Within 4 days after placing order
Delivery Costs Payable upon delivery
Acceptable Reasons for Refund Product damaged during deliveryReturn/exchange the product at any time if you are not satisfied

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