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Peanuts to Make Wishes for the New Year

Toss a handful of good-for-you Yeoju peanuts in your mouth as you make your wishes for the coming years.


Surrounded by the Taebaek, Charyeong and Gwangju mountain ranges, Yeoju-si is famous for its yellow-colored earth. The soil contains a perfect balance of silicic acid and organic matter, which leads to nutrient-packed rice. What’s more, the fine quality clay and materials used for making the famous Yeoju ceramics are also found in this region which prove the high quality Yeoju’s soil.

Peanuts require very few pesticides, making them both tasty and good for you. Despite the competition, the taste and quality of the Yeoju peanut can’t be beat.

Yeoju characteristics of peanut

Peanuts Peanuts Peanuts
  • Many of them are still covered in dirt (peanuts in the shell) The shell is very hard and it’s very rare to find one with a cracked shell. The nutmeats can be either elongated or round.
  • Rarely will you find a peanut with a dark brown shell. The inside of the shell is usually white.

Peanut main dealer

  • Agricultural Yeoju: 031-881-2210

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