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Sweet Potatoes

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The Autumn Snack

The Yeoju chestnut Sweet Potato(named for it's Chestnut-like texture When cooked) is one of the most popuiar snacks in the autumn season.

The sweet potato was first brought to Korea from Japan by Jo Um-yi, a delegate to Japan during the 39th year (1763) of the reign of the Joseon king, Yeong Jo, and is usually harvested in the alluvial soils near the South Han River in Daeshin-myeon and in the hilly regions of Neungseo-myeon.

Located in the center of the Korean peninsula, Yeoju-si provides the perfect climate for the harvesting of sweet potatoes.

During harvest season, the temperature changes are very drastic, which makes the sweet potatoes starchy and keeps them full of nutrients. Good irrigation gives the sweet potatoes a good color and densely packed flesh. All of these are reasons why Yeoju’s sweet potatoes are so popular.

Its popularity also means that Yeoju sweet potatoes tend to be more expensive than sweet potatoes from other regions. In order to distinguish Yeoju sweet potatoes from those of other regions, a special patented design was created for the packaging.
To this day, the people at the Yeoju Sweet Potato Research Center are working hard to provide consumers with better product.

The sweet potato is an alkaline product loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. An advantage of the sweet potato is that it can grow without the need for pesticides; all our sweet potatoes are organically grown. The latest research has revealed the great health benefits of sweet potatoes, including the ability to fight cancer and lower blood cholesterol.

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