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Yeoju Rice

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The Orgin of Rice

According to 'carbonization of rice'(estimated date BC 13~17)excavated from the river valleys of the south han river in heunam-ri, jeomdong-myeon, Yeoju, the history of rice farming in yeoju dates back thousands of years. Yeoju rice lives up to its reputation as it adds abundance to our lives.

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Sun-Warm Sunlight, Perfect Climate

Located in the center of the Korean peninsula, Yeoju is the perfect representation of Korean weather. All four seasons happen in Yeoju and because the region is relatively unaffected by floods or drought, the harvest is abundant year round. The mountains in Yeoju are also relatively small, which means that the rice fields get sun all day long. The temperature drops rather drastically at night in Yeoju, a more drastic change than is seen anywhere else on the peninsula, which helps produce sweeter, starchier and better quality rice.

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Water-From the Protected Areas of Paldang Reservoir

The clean waters of the South Han River flow through Yeoju and so this area has never lacked water for farming. The water also tastes good. During the Joseon Dynasty, Yeoju rice and water were presented to the king. Today, the area is part of the protected Paldang Reservoir, which protects the quality of the water and, in turn, makes great Yeoju rice.

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Soil-Healthy Soil

Surrounded by the Taebaek, Charyeong and Gwangju mountain ranges, Yeoju-gun is famous for its yellow-colored earth. The soil contains a perfect balance of silicic acid and organic matter, which leads to nutrient-packed rice. What’s more, the fine quality clay and materials used for making the famous Yeoju ceramics are also found in this region which prove the high quality Yeoju’s soil.

High Quality Jache Yeoju Rice

The color of the high quality Yeoju rice is so white, it’s as if each grain was made out of white clay porcelain.
Each grain glistens with sheen and has a soft, chewy texture. (Patent No. 2002-8405)

Primary dealer

  • Lee Farm to go 031-881-1937 | 031-883-0586 Yeoju points such farming corporation
  • Yeojussal Agricultural Research Corporation 031-883-3398 | 031-884-8336 excellent agricultural
  • Com reobeumi 031-881-1472 | 031-882-6874 Yeoju production yiryeokje jakmokban
  • Plant kingdom jakmokban 031-884-7557 | (Note) miryeok 031-882-2557
  • Togolmi 031-885-0278 | 031-882-9206 heungcheon organic jakmokban
  • Ordinary naratnim yeojinju 031-883-4469 | 031-884-0586 hyeokjaeneyeojussal
  • Agricultural Union Corporation joint venture Yeoju 080-789-9988, 031-884-7675

Organic pesticide-free rice

Yeoju Rice
  • Contact: Organic rice heungcheon jakmokban / Phone: 031-882-9206
  • Country Organic Farming Association of Plant Corporation
    Phone Number: 031-881-4452

Quality injeungmi

The estimated total volume of rice contract farming highly good 'Yeojussal' is the flagship brand.


Yeoju normal rice grown in the clean area of the crystal clear waters are referred to as synonymous.

Gift Yeojussal

BOX Packaging am going to sell rice is excellent as a gift is a popular product.

Gift Yeojussal Gift Yeojussal

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