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The 8 Sites of Yeoju-Si

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With over eight beautiful Yeoju delight, please.

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1. 神勒暮鍾 (Silleuk Mojong)

The sound of the bells ringing through Silleuksa Temple

2. 馬巖漁燈 (Maam Udeung)

The lights of the fishing boats in the Maam River

3. 鶴洞暮煙 (Hakdong Moyeon)

The smoke wafting from hot rice across the river at Hakdong

4. 燕灘歸帆 (Return of the Coals)

Boats returning on the river

5. 洋島落雁 (Yangdo Nakan)

A flock of wild geese landing on Yang island

6. 八藪長林 (Palsu Jangrim)

The reflection of the dense Ohangni forest reflected in the waters of the river

7. 二陵杜鵑 (Yeereum Dugyeon)

The singing of the dugyeon bird in Yeongneung and Nyeongneung

8. 婆娑過雨 (Pasa Gwawu)

Downpour of summer rains passing over the Pasa fortress

Rice farming first began on the Korean peninsula in Yeoju-si during the Bronze Age. Yeoju-si is also the proud home to such great names in Korean history as King Sejong, King Hyojong, the Joseon scholar Mokeun Lee Saek, Woo-am Song Shi-yeol, Lee Gyu-bo, and eight Joseon queens.

Yeoju-si was also the region where the fiercest battle of the early Righteous Army was fought and was also a strategic military point to kept out external influences.

Rich with history, there are 71 national and natural monuments in Yeoju dating from prehistoric times up until the present age.

The South Han River, which runs straight through the city, has created a terrain with many hills and riverbeds - a terrain rich for farming high quality crops, including the famous Yeoju rice. Yeoju provides the benefits of both worlds : proximity to the capital, and rural living in the country. Please come and see.

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