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yeoju-si CI

Symbol of Yeoju Download

Cheongdori and Baekdori, Pottery Character

Rice character Midori

Midori, a cutely shaped character, was invented to raise brand recognition of Yeoju rice in various ways. It uses blue and green colors to emphasize the fact that Yeoju rice is pollution free and raised in untainted land.

Rice character Midori

Pottery Character Cheongdori and Baekdori

Personalized characters with smiling faces emphasize the fact that Yeoju is the mecca of Korean pottery and has a long history and tradition.

Pottery Character Cheongdori and Baekdori

tree of yeoju-gingko tree

Tree of Yeoju-Gingko tree

Pottery represents the Yeoju people's strength and patience in overcoming various hardships
Pottery represents Yeoju-si's prosperity
The yellow leaves represent the Yeoju people's warm and genial minds

tree of yeoju-gingko tree

Flower of Yeoju-Forsythia

Forsythia, the first flower to bloom in the early spring, represents the Yeoju people's diligence; its proliferation represents the prosperity and development of the area.
The yellow flowers represent the Yeoju people's hearts of gold and their diligent nature, while also representing the richness of Yeoju's rice.

bird of yeoju-egret

Bird of Yeoju-Egret

Egrets live long and strictly obey the rules of the community. They represent the Yeoju people's development, cooperation and order.

The homecoming instinct of egrets and other migratory birds represent the Yeoju people's harmony, integrity and local patriotism.

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