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Dear citizen! This is Lee Hang Jin, the mayor of Yeoju. Prestige Yeoju! We deeply appreciate your visit to Yeoju.

Yeoju carefully keeping the prestige culture of a thousand year, about 50km along the waterway of Namhangang river, Yeogang!

Feel the breath of nature by yourself in Royal Tomb of King Sejong and Royal Tomb of King Hyojong listed as UNESCO World Heritages, the birth house of Empress Myeongseong, Sinreuksa temple(ancient temple of a thousand year along Namhangang river), riverside amusement park, Yeoju Insect Museum and refreshing Hwanghaksan mountain arboretum!

Exciting Yeoju filled with happiness hosting Yeoju Ceramic Festival in every April, Geumsa Oriental Melon Festival in every May, Hangul Day event in every Oct., and Ogok Naru Festival in autumn!

Come to Yeoju using the double-track metropolitan subway newly constructed and 2nd Yeongdong Expressway, and glossy white Yeoju rice, spicy freshwater fish stew, nutritious sweet potato and peanut, and delicious Cheonseori buckwheat noodles wait for you.

Cultural Tourism Prestige Yeoju! Yeogang-gil trail where everyone wants to take a walk, Namhangang bike path newly formed with fair view and good-hearted people in Yeoju 5-day Market cherishing the historic customs will greet you delightfully.

With the great plan for this season, please visit Yeoju and leave the travel notes on our website!

Lee Hang Jin

with two hands together
Mayor of Yeoju

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